March Luncheon
Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hats Off! with Janie Oliver

Janie Oliver is a singer, entertainer and motivational speaker from Dallas, Texas. Her presentations are laced with humor and personal experiences. Her “easy to listen to” style of singing makes her programs enjoyable and delightful. Her show is filled with selections from her personal collection of over 300 vintage hats, displayed on beautifully decorated tables.

This program is filled with tidbits of fashion history; and as she sings and models her hats, you will hear songs that are reminiscent of various fashion eras. You will like the music, but you will fall in love with the hats! Feel free to wear a hat yourself to join in on the fun!

For inquiries call Kathy Manley: 314-239-1215 or email

Message from the President

March is one of those odd months in our area where the weather is constantly arguing with itself. One day is sunny and warm, while the next is chilly and rainy.

Like most of you, I’m done with winter and looking forward to seeing those daffodils and tulips pop up to brighten our day! At least we have the St. Patrick’s Day activities to look forward to. It may be the annual parade on Greenville Avenue, or just a stay at home day with a corn beef brisket cooking in the crock pot. Regardless of how you celebrate this old Irish tradition, I hope you enjoy your day!

Again, a reminder that the Nominating Committee is busy at work looking for members to fill our board vacancies for next year. Please consider taking an office if you are approached or let us know if you are interested. They will find a spot for you!

I am really looking forward to the March luncheon with the “hat lady”, Janie Oliver. She has spoken at several area clubs and received rave reviews. Her presentation will be filled with information on the history of hats, great music, and overall wonderful entertainment. You may even consider wearing your own hat!

Linda Stagner

NDN President 2017-18

My husband and I retired in 2010 and moved to Frisco to be near our sons. After a few months I longed to make some new friends. I laughingly told my husband that at our age no one comes to the front door and asks if you want to play. I looked on-line at newcomer groups in the area. I was a bit hesitant at first but decided to send in my money and information sheet to North Dallas Newcomers and Friends. A few days later I received a phone call about Mary Notes, our singing group. After one practice I was hooked. Through the many activities offered I have met so many fun and interesting ladies and also learned so much about north Texas. I am so glad I made the decision to join. – Suzi Ingram, Frisco