Make Your Home Pop with Pottery Barn!
Thursday, June 1, 2017

Let’s end our year in style with Pottery Barn’s professional designers. They will show us how to make our houses POP with charm!  These ladies are talented, fun and charming too! Hope you can come!

For inquiries call Kathy Manley: 314-239-1215 or email

I moved to Dallas in the last couple of years to be close to my family. I have had a career where I moved many times and now I am retired. In my moves I have been in Newcomers Clubs before but I must say this has been one of the easiest moves to a new area ever! This club is full of women that have been the kindest and most welcoming to me. The added bonus is that you don’t even have to move here to join as many of the ladies like me has had careers or moved because of family and now can enjoy the  many varied activities this club has to offer.  Carpe diem! – Nancy Gray, Murphy